Watch: Man Pulls Out An Assault Rifle On Trump Supporter

Well, that escalated quickly. The guy who posted the video asked if you recognise this terrorist thug please contact your local police. Thank the mainstream media for the violence that we have been seeing. Polluting people’s minds with disinformation about President Trump.

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Police are mad about a ‘Grand Theft Auto’ mod and all the internet can do is LOL


“Underground computer geeks” are now Public Enemy No. 1 in New South Wales. 

Authorities are fuming after some gamers added murdering cops modeled after the New South Wales police force along with detailed police cars and helicopters to Grand Theft Auto, a game that’s all about breaking the law. But all the internet can do is giggle.

According to Australia’s 7 News, so-called “underground computer geeks” are behind the mod. New South Wales Police Minister Troy Grant told the program that the mod “desensitises people to the real risk police face.” The report also claims police will be taking action against the modification, somehow. Read more…

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Muslim Model Shocks Everyone After Wearing hijab in Catwalk


Somali-American model Halima Aden might not be a household name. But, Aden was the name on everyone’s lips after Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 5 show at New York Fashion Week.

Adem walked the runway wearing her hijab; a sight that is — even in 2017 — still something of a rarity. 

The model — who was born in a refugee camp in Kenya — made history in November 2016 when she wore a burkini and a hijab when participating in the semifinal of the Miss Minnesota USA pageant.  

Despite not making it to the final of the show, Aden was recently signed by model agency IMG and made her catwalk debut on the Yeezy runway on 15 Feb. Read more…

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Muslim Men Allowed To get High Before Sex If The wife is Ugly


Fatwas that are allowing nashay are a thing, now apparently. We earlier saw a fatwa allowing men to get high before sex if their wife is ugly. However, it’s only allowed before sex in the evening, if you’re under 4o years old. But it graciously allows you to be high for 30 minutes. So I guess you can […]

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